Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ever Banega

Plays for Atletico Madrid

Owned by Valencia

The young Argentine plays as a defensive midfielder. Unfortunately he does not possess the qualities of a good defensive midfielder. He has a very low work rate and looks lethargic at best. He is a decent tackler but his positioning and short passing are mediocre. At times he gives the impression of being clueless. He tends to distribute the ball to the wings and switches play to the opposite flank. This is a good trait and helps the team in attacking quickly from either flank. It appears that his game is built on regaining possession in the midfield and passing the ball to creative players. But since he has a low work rate, poor positioning and rarely intercepts passes, he is yet to become a successful and established player. At the age of 20, he has a long time to improve his game and settle in at wherever he plays. Though, Valencia would be regretting the €18 million they spent on him as it is highly unlikely they would ever recover that fee. I would not recommend title contenders to sign this player. He may improve if he gets regular first team football at a club where expectations are much lower.

Contemporaries include Mohammed Sissoko, Claudio Marchisio, Alberto Aquilani, Fernando Gago, Andres Iniesta, Francesc Fabregas etc.

Matches scouted in

Barcelona v/s Atletico Madrid – 14/1/2009

Marseille v/s Atletico Madrid – 9/12/2008

Atletico Madrid v/s Real Madrid – 18/10/2008


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  2. Going to Everton FC

  3. Man, have you ever played football? Do you know anything about it? Ever Banega is a good player, and keeps on improving game after game.

  4. This posting sounds like a wind up.

  5. you review is wack
    For his age he is probably one of the beter center midfielders around!!!