Friday, January 30, 2009

Claudio Marchisio

Club: Juventus FC
DOB: 19 January 1986 (Age 23)
Nationality: Italian
Position: Central Midfielder

A product of the Juventus youth academy, Marchisio returned to Juventus, this summer, after spending a season on loan at Empoli. A central midfielder, he has been compared to the legendary Marco Tardelli, though, in my opinion, of contemporary players, he most resembles fellow teammate, Cristiano Zanetti.

Marchisio is defensively very sound and has all the qualities that go into the making of a world class midfielder. He is an excellent tackler, closely marks his man and has very good positioning sense. He reads the game really well and therefore is able to intercept numerous passes. Do not go by his fragile body as he has displayed considerable strength for his size. He has blistering pace and is able to get back quickly to help out the defence. This trait is very useful in countering "counter attacks". Like most quality central midfielders he tends to collect the ball in the midfield and distributes to the wings. His creative side comes out when he tries to chip the ball over the defence in an attempt to break the off-side trap, a quality handy in a team with quick forwards. He is also a good dribbler and tries to get forward whenever possible, occasionally taking the odd long range shot. But his inconsistency is keeping him from becoming a star player at Juventus. He tends to dissappear in some of the matches, which is unacceptable at a club like Juventus.

But at 23, he has a long career ahead of him and a lot of time to become consistent. He is a player to watch out for in the future and should, in all likeliness, become world class one day. He deserves nothing less than a title challenging team.

Competition includes Alberto Aquilani, Daniele De Rossi, Marek Hamsik, Francesc Fabregas, Andres Iniesta, Ricardo Montolivo, Felipe Melo etc.

Matches scouted in
Juventus v/s Fiorentina - 24/1/2009
Juventus v/s AC Milan - 14/12/2008
Juventus v/s Siena - 11/1/2009


  1. Hi Varun,
    my name is Fabio, I'm Italian and a Juventus strong supporter.
    Talking abou Marchisio, I agree almost with all you mentioned about him. I saw him at the stadium against Fiorentina and he was with no doubt the best player on the pitch (he scored the goal going forward and thanks to an incredible assist from Del Piero).
    The problems Juventus had two years ago with justice forced them to invest on young an unexpensive players (like Molinaro, Giovinco, De Ceglie) and they are responding very well to the pressure of a big team like Juventus.

    I only expect the most qualitative midfielder of Juventus, Mauro German Camoranesi, to come back from his injury at his shoulder, to make Marchisio and other young players grow further.

  2. Hi Fabio,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I feel Marchisio's best game was against AC Milan where he stamped his authority against the likes of Ambrosini, Emerson, Pirlo and Seedorf. If he can find consistency, surely Juve will win the Scudetto sooner than later. What has dissappointed me is Ranieri's lack of faith in Giovinco. He is someone who can play in all kinds of attacking positions but is being wasted on the bench. Even though Juve are second in Serie A, with Giovinco, I'm thinking what could have been rather than what is.

    I expect the Juve youngsters to learn a lot from the senior players. Apart from the names you have mentioned Lorenzo Ariaudo and Cristian Pasquato should also establish themselves within the next season or two.